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  1. Page Builder is not loading
    If you are having problems with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) previewing Page Builder then it is probabl...
  2. I am having problems with Page Builder saving my changes. Do you have any suggestions?
    This problem is usually due to an issue with your browser or computer.  This occasionally happe...
  3. How do I add audio files to a web page?
    Audio files can be played in the background or as an embedded component from any page by doing ...
  4. How do I add a page to my website without making it available on my menu? I only want to link to it from an existing webpage.
    If you would like for a web page to be accessible only through a link that resides on a current web ...
  5. Is it possible to secure a .pdf file that I upload to my website so that only members can access it?
    There is currently no way to restrict a user who knows the URL of a previously uploaded document.&nb...
  6. Is it possible to insert web links to other websites? and how would I do this?
    To insert a link please do the following:Login to your administrative home page click "Web pages" cl...
  7. There is strange code appearing on my web pages.
    When pasting into page builder from MS Word make sure you choose the down arrow beside the...