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  1. Why is the monthly cost of my website more when I choose to pay monthly instead of yearly?
     If you choose to subscribe to your website for less than 12 months you will notice a surcharge...
  2. Can I make a payment over the phone?
    There are two methods of payment that we can accept:Pay Pal online transactions Check or money order...
  3. I need to change my method of payment?
    If you currently have a Pay Pal payment plan and would like to change the credit card for your websi...
  4. Why was my subscription canceled?
    Pay Pal will automatically cancel website payment plans (subscriptions) when your credit card has ex...
  5. I noticed that you require customers to pay sales tax, however, we are a non-profit organization and are tax exempt.
    Unfortunately our state tax laws require us to pay sales tax for all services rendered.  Non-pr...