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  1. What are some ways I can add media to my site?
    Try the "Media Streaming" application and add media to your resource library. Go to "Media Streami...
  2. Is there a way to remove the LOGIN box from our website?
    Login to your administrative home page >> go to 'Other Website Options' >> 'Website Comp...
  3. How can I place my RSS feed in iTunes?
      You can create iTunes feed from the Podcast and RSS Feeds application within your admini...
  4. My donations page doesn't work. What could be the problem?
    Please go to "Account Information" from your administrative home page then make sure the Pay Pal acc...
  5. A link on my calendar event is returning the error
    A link on my calendar event is returning the error "Page cannot be found"Make sure the calendar even...
  6. I have multiple photo albums. How can I make my web page go to a specific one?
    The photo album was created to show the last album where the last photo has been uploaded.To make yo...